Yoga Classes

Yoga at the 24 hours in the Enchanted Forest

kneeling devotion pose

downward facing dog

blessed by cooler weather, some cloud cover and eventually rain, this was a perfect morning for

YOGA under the trees

summer yoga $5.00!

If you haven’t checked out out downtown Lomas space you gotta see whats goign on!

Yoga is a great way to cool down, get in shape and just plain feel good through these hot summer nights

Bicycle Madness 2012

This 2nd annual Albuquerque event hosted by Women Riding Well, affiliates of Simpatico Cycling Studio is where it is at for bicycle friendly businesses. Each summer the local fan fair of cycling advocates, bike shops, non profits, fun rides, yoga for cyclists, cycling events, etc… come out and display their goods and services in one place. Plus it gives those in the business to network with others in efforts to join forces and build a stronger cycling community in the hood!

safety first

Ghost Bikes Albuquerque was neighbors with BYY, gearing up for their local Can You See Us Now ride. Bringing bicycle awareness to the community in one large pack! There are several Ghost Bikes up over town. Ghost Bikes are small and somber memorials for bicyclists who are killed or hit on the street. see

vendor row

BYY and ABQ Ghost Bikes

24 hours in the Enchanted Forest


basic hip stretch

Can we say PRE RACE YOGA or YOGA for kids? This Zia Rides event turned out to be one for the Kids! Most of them signed up for the Enchanted loop as a team to ride a portion of the course mapped out just for the young ones. Well, these kids knew where it was at with a nice yoga warm up. Thanks for coming out and supporting the Bicycles Yoga and You!


More yoga at the Wellness Space in Albuquerque!

1500 B Lomas

By popular demand and yogis wanting to improve their weekly practice, we are adding another yoga class starting June 5, on Tuesday evenings 5:30 – 6:30pm.Come spend you evening with us cooling down from the heat!


TU, TH Therapeutic Flow 5:30 – 6:30 pm

WED 12 – 1 pm and every third SAT  9 – 10 am Hatha Flow

Next SAT Class June 30th! 9am see you there

There will also be a slight fee increase in drop in classes. $12.00 per drop in and $50 for a 5 class pass. This will be effective July 1, 2012.

Don’t forget  Bicycle Madness at the Los Ranchos Growers market on the 9th. Gluten Free Goods will be fore sale.. mmmmm, good for you..

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Sea Otter was a success!

Yoga class was held every day at 7:30am. In a clubhouse room on the campground over looking the event. These were some dedicated yogis that showed up! Weather by the coast is always about layers..

Many of the students told me they felt so good they knew they needed to do yoga and will make it a regular routine
Some said they felt yoga in the morning really enhanced their performance on the course while racing!
Some came back the next day because they felt so good…
That’s what we want to hear!

A general questionnaire was filled out by most of the students after class here are some positive results!

Yoga attendance:
Th/ 4 participants
Fr/ 19 participants 3 returning from Th
Sat/ 9 participants 4 returning from Th &Fr
Sun/ 9 participants  5 returning from th/fr/sat

Comments to SOC about having yoga at the event:
Thank you
please continue
very important for strength and endurance athletes
very very helpful!
come back
like the location
more yoga
please keep it
please continue to yoga at SOC it is a real benefit to me
keep it up

Were you satisfied with yoga at SOC?  very satisfied: 13 people
satisfied: 4 people
not satisfied: 0 people

Comments to instructor about the class:
Rita was an awesome instructor! I really enjoyed her classes.
I would have her back again next year!
Rita is a very good instructor. She is great with modifications.
A perfect blend of yoga postures.
Rita is a spectacular instructor and wonderful to spend time with. 
I enjoyed the challenge of gravity “postures” today.

On a scale of 1 – 5 (5 being the most important) yoga is part of my cycling routine

Bicycles, Yoga and You going to Sea Otter

See you guys at Sea Otter!

More info at the Volkwagon Sea Otter 2012 site–

Thank you, Outerbike!

Thank you Outerbike for the fabulous time. It was a beautiful seven hour drive from Albuquerque, NM to Moab, UT. Strangely enough for us coastal transplants, we only hit traffic one time– in Shiprock, NM. The Shiprock Najavo Fair was going on. While the carnival rides looked way fun, we knew the bikes and trails awaiting us in Moab would be more fun. After we arrived in Moab, figured out our home base at Outerbike, we checked into the Leaping Lizard Hostel. While the original plan was to camp, we drove through some snow and freezing rain to get there, and it was rather chilly. We lucked out and got the last 2 dorm beds at the hostel.

All of the days at Outerbike were a blur. The festival was head at the Lazy M trails, about 3 miles north of Arches National Park. Bicycles, Yoga and You focused on getting the word out there was yoga– afternoon and morning sessions, but it is hard to compete with getting sweet bikes in the correct size and beer. Sunday did begin with some great morning yoga. We concentrated on 5 yoga poses that are great for your cycling muscles.

Admittedly, we also wanted to get bikes too, but we weren’t too picky about which ones. I (Manda) was mostly going to ride a lot of bikes, just to see which ones I liked best. I am relatively new to the world of mountain biking, and I started out with a 26″ full suspension- Gary Fisher Sugar 3+. Alas, the frame cracked on the Fisher, and I replaced it with a Trek Top Fuel WSD. After replacing the bikes, I felt like I was loosing all my hard fought technical skill. The Top Fueld seemed to fit, but the cockpit seemed a bit cramped, but I was assured that this was no big deal, and I would get used to it. After giving it a frustrating 5 months– complete with having various local bike shops adjust my fit and shock settings, it was time to ride a lot of different bikes at Outerbike and see what I need…. to be continued… later.

More on Outerbike (and us) from Cycle and Style

Check out this article from Cycle and Style. They tell you exactly what to expect and what to bring. Roadies, you’re not going to be left out either, because Outerbike will have road demos.

And don’t forget to join us for Yoga at Outerbike bright and early- 8am, Friday October 7 through Sunday, October 9.

New Yoga Therapy Classes

Bicycles, Yoga and You has partnered with Reba Eagles DOM to provide Yoga Therapy. Yoga Therapy is a new form of yoga merging traditional yoga practices to individual needs. Reba will be providing the personal health screening that is included in your class fee. With the knowledge you gain from your personal health screening, we can provide treatment for specific medical conditions through yoga. Discount acupuncture treatments are also included by joining our class.

Classes are offered at 1500B Lomas Blvd NW, Wednesdays 12:00-1:00pm, Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm, and every third Saturday 9:00-10:00am (next class will be August 20). Classes are $10 each or a 5 class pass is $45.