Healthy Treats

Fall Update

Gluten-Free Zucchini MuffinsAs you know, time flies when you’re busy having fun. It’s been a crazy fall at Bicycles, Yoga, & You. In late September, we went to a mountain bike camp (Dirt Series) in Fruita, CO. Clinics are helpful for people of all skill level, and it was a great time. In October, we went up to Outerbike to promote our Albuquerque BOMBs clinic, teach some yoga, and ride new 2012 steeds of lust– sorry, there were some REALLY nice bikes there. Late October, brought a weekend of mountain biking, yoga, and nutrition education at the first Albuquerque BOMBs clinic. A great time was had by all– everyone both taught and learned a lot.

Now that standard time has been restored, it definitely feels like fall and the Holiday Season is upon us. Bicycles, Yoga, & You have been busying baking up gluten-free treats to order for you. And thusly, we have also finally updated the Gluten-Free Goods page. They make great gifts… Get your orders for the holidays in early.