winter special on private lessons

BYY is offering a Holiday special on private lessons . $55.00 for a 2 hour session. Do you know someone who could use a little help at becoming a better and safer rider? Are you trying to brush up on your switch backs? This is the perfect gift! there is no limit to how many sessions you purchase but must be redeemed by May 31 2014.
Pay Pal and personal checks accepted. updates to come….                       




BOMBs Albuquerque summer schedule

BE PART OF THE BOMBS:  Babes On Mountain Bikes

“Mountain Bike Clinic” Are you just starting to mountain bike? Thinking about improving your skills on a mountain bike? Been thinking about getting on a mountain bike?  This 1/2 day mountain bike clinic is for you!

  •  This event is suited for the beginner to intermediate rider

We will be running a monthly series of skills clinic for June to November. Take one take a few. You’ll surely get better the more you practice your “skills”.

Clinics are limited to 6 ladies so get your sport in advance!

one 1/2 day clinic $65.00 paid in advance or $80.. the day of

Want to take a series of clinics? $110.00 for 2 clinics.

Invite a friend get 10.00 of your clinic.

  • We take paypal,checks and cash

Clinic schedule Bosque or Foothills  8:30am  – 1:00pm

8:30 am meet for registration, bike set up and nutritional snack

9 am skills on location: (based on interest and level of ladies in attendance)

10:15 short break/snack

10:30 -11:45 practice your skills on a ride

12:00 – 12:30 cool down yoga (dont forget to bring your mat)

Saturday Clinic Dates

June 29:  North Foothills/ Manuel trailhead, Piedra Lisa Park.) beginner/intermediate

July 27:  (Bosque/ Central and Tignley): beginner

August 31:  (Bosque/ Central and Tignley) beginner

September 28:  South Foot Hills. Meet at Embudo Hills park Lomas and Monte Verde beginner/intermediate

October 26:  North Foothills. Meet at Manuel trailhead Piedra Lisa park. beginner/intermediate

Email any questions and payment options: bicycleyogi2@gmail.com


June 29 North foothills trails 365 to Elena Gallegos.  Meet at Manuel trailhead Piedra Lisa park. This clinic will focus on climbing, uneven terrain, pedaling, and cadence,  and single track skills

July 27 Bosque trails Meet at Central and Tignley. This clinic will focus on pedaling, shifting, turning, breaking, rolling/pumping, balance, body positioning, roots, rock, ruts and sand. * most suited for the TRUE beginner.

August 31 Bosque trails Meet at Central and Tignley. This clinic will focus on pedaling, shifting, turning, breaking, rolling/pumping, balance, body positioning, roots, rock ruts and sand. * most suited for the TRUE beginner.

September 28 South Foot Hills trails 365 to 401 Copper canyon. Meet at Embudo Hills park Lomas and Monte Verde) This clinic will focus on climbing, downhill switchbacks, uneven terrain, riding a straight line, and back pedaling.

October 26 (North foothills trails 365 to Elena Gallegos.  Meet at Manuel trailhead Piedra Lisa park. This clinic will focus on climbing, uneven terrain, pedaling, and cadence,  and single track skills

Bicycle Madness 2012

This 2nd annual Albuquerque event hosted by Women Riding Well, affiliates of Simpatico Cycling Studio is where it is at for bicycle friendly businesses. Each summer the local fan fair of cycling advocates, bike shops, non profits, fun rides, yoga for cyclists, cycling events, etc… come out and display their goods and services in one place. Plus it gives those in the business to network with others in efforts to join forces and build a stronger cycling community in the hood!

safety first

Ghost Bikes Albuquerque was neighbors with BYY, gearing up for their local Can You See Us Now ride. Bringing bicycle awareness to the community in one large pack! There are several Ghost Bikes up over town. Ghost Bikes are small and somber memorials for bicyclists who are killed or hit on the street. see http://www.dukecityfix.com/group/albuquerqueansforghostbikes

vendor row

BYY and ABQ Ghost Bikes

24 hours in the Enchanted Forest


basic hip stretch

Can we say PRE RACE YOGA or YOGA for kids? This Zia Rides event turned out to be one for the Kids! Most of them signed up for the Enchanted loop as a team to ride a portion of the course mapped out just for the young ones. Well, these kids knew where it was at with a nice yoga warm up. Thanks for coming out and supporting the Bicycles Yoga and You!


Sea Otter was a success!

Yoga class was held every day at 7:30am. In a clubhouse room on the campground over looking the event. These were some dedicated yogis that showed up! Weather by the coast is always about layers..

Many of the students told me they felt so good they knew they needed to do yoga and will make it a regular routine
Some said they felt yoga in the morning really enhanced their performance on the course while racing!
Some came back the next day because they felt so good…
That’s what we want to hear!

A general questionnaire was filled out by most of the students after class here are some positive results!

Yoga attendance:
Th/ 4 participants
Fr/ 19 participants 3 returning from Th
Sat/ 9 participants 4 returning from Th &Fr
Sun/ 9 participants  5 returning from th/fr/sat

Comments to SOC about having yoga at the event:
Thank you
please continue
very important for strength and endurance athletes
very very helpful!
come back
like the location
more yoga
please keep it
please continue to yoga at SOC it is a real benefit to me
keep it up

Were you satisfied with yoga at SOC?  very satisfied: 13 people
satisfied: 4 people
not satisfied: 0 people

Comments to instructor about the class:
Rita was an awesome instructor! I really enjoyed her classes.
I would have her back again next year!
Rita is a very good instructor. She is great with modifications.
A perfect blend of yoga postures.
Rita is a spectacular instructor and wonderful to spend time with. 
I enjoyed the challenge of gravity “postures” today.

On a scale of 1 – 5 (5 being the most important) yoga is part of my cycling routine

Bicycles, Yoga and You going to Sea Otter

See you guys at Sea Otter!

More info at the Volkwagon Sea Otter 2012 site– http://www.seaotterclassic.com/index.cfm/Yoga.htm

Babes On Mountain Bikes Albuquerque Sponsors

A huge thanks to our sponsors for making this happen. But really, check out the photos of all of our schwag!

Babes On Mountain Bikes Albuquerque Day 2


Early morning smoothies, tea and fresh fruit started our day right. We took off from the Kickstand and headed to the Menual trailhead, considered the south foothills. Today Kickstand owner and former pro track rider, Lee joined us for the ride.

Deli Berry had boxed lunchs waiting for us at the Lisa Piedra park, just below the Menual trailhead. It was such a lovely day we decided to remain at the park and have nutrition class and yoga outside.

After lunch, we let our food digest while sitting through Nutrition 101, led by licensed nutrition Educator, Rita Celeste Leon. We focused on our current diet and how to make it more balanced. Then, we calculated our proper protein and caloric intake for our activity level. Emily added her two cents on how USANA products have helped her become a more balanced athlete through vitamin supplementation Finally, we all stood in mountain pose and began our recovery yoga. We hugged our knees to our chest, released tired shoulders, opened our hips and stretched out our spines. This yoga routine was a perfect way to wrap up a fun-filled BOMBs clinic weekend.

See you next year Albuquerque!

Babes On Mountain Bikes Albuquerque 2011 Day 1

Breakfast at KickstandThis clinic was everything you could have asked for. We had a great group of kind-hearted, enthusiastic, and of course babe-o-licious ladies become BOMBs.

Day One

The Pre-Ride Nutrition at the Kickstand bike shop was a hit! Everyone loved the warm baked sweet potatoes and yams with butter and cinnamon. We also had a scrumptious variety of Fall fruits apples, pears and oranges to top off those potatoes. Boiled eggs and a variety of fresh raw nuts and seeds gave us the protein boost we needed for our skills clinic at a near bike park off the North diversion channel bike path.
Skills Talk

Skills at the park with Emily

Like usual, the weather in New Mexico was sunny and cheerful. A perfect weather day for the BOMBs to start mastering mountain bike skills! We started this skills clinic with the anatomy of the bike and proper riding gear.
Next we practiced the different stances of ready position on our bikes. Rolling through the grass can be a deceiving warm up. “Ready position is a neutral stance that allows the bike to roll under you while conserving your energy” (E. Eads). Flexed elbows and knees, level pedals, shifting weight back, forwards and side to side. After we mastered complete control of our bikes while rolling and pedaling we worked on cornering, turning and balance. Look where you want to go! Choose your line, and Cornering drillsbe in control of your bike. Finally, we worked with the props practicing riding a straight line, lifting our front wheel, and rolling over uneven terrain. Use that power foot “2 o’clock position”! Two hours later, these BOMBS were hungry! Our host luncheon deli was back down the diversion trail about 5 minutes away. Deli-Berry had a variety of choices, salads, soups, wraps, and sandwiches. After we filled our bellies with delicious nutrition the ladies got the first schwag bag full of goodies from The Kickstand, The Pedal Pushers Club, and famous REE bars and Gluten Free Goods cookies made by the Bicycle Yogi and BOMBs Director Rita Leon. Acknowledging the rest of our sponsors; Tough Chick, IMBA, Chamois Butt’r, Eleven Gear, more schwag is yet to come.

The Ride

After our leisurely lunch, we headed over to the Michael Emery trailhead at the top Spain and Bear Canyon, a beautiful entry to the Sandia foothills. These women  on bikes we ready for more! With our small group of ladies we decided to stay in one group and practice our new skills together. There was plenty of opportunity to practice uneven terrain and wheel lifts due to the rocky nature of the trails, combined with sweet rolling single track it was perfect for skills practice. At the end of our 2.5 hour ride, everyone was satisfied with their improved bike handling and the awesome support from the BOMBs. Go team!

Outerbike Report

Manda, web developer, and Rita, Bicycles Yoga and You chief yogi, took off at 10am Thursday to drive to Moab, UT from Albuquerque, NM via Shiprock, NM.  Who would have ever though that we would drive by snow storms and rain showers in early October? Despite the bad weather, we arrived in Moab around 6pm. First, we checked in with Sean, our Outerbike representative. He said, “The weather has taken us for a loop but we will meet in the morning”.  Captain Sean gave us directions to the expo located at The Bar M Ranch trailhead. “You can’t miss it. You will see all the tents”.

After oooo-ing and awww-ing the beautiful rock structures of the Arches National Park entryway, we pulled off the road into the venue parking lot. A cute little bike village… People are still setting up, must have been held back by the wind and rain. Snow on the distant mountains and the moisture in the air alluded to the fact that camping would be cold, cold and cold. Manda suggested the youth hostel, the Lazy Lizard, back on the other side of town. “Good call co-pilot”. We wandered into an over warm room, the smell of several meals being prepared in the kitchen off to the side, the voices of many travelers, we knew this was the best choice. “2 beds in the women’s dorm all 3 nights please”. At $9.00 a night, warm showers, a messy kitchen, creaky twin beds, good company and a story to tell, this was a steal!

Up at 7am, got dressed, and groggily scurried down the stairs to the kitchen, hot tea, breakfast to go, waited for a bathroom to open up….. 8:15am: We needed to be there at 8:30! Go Jetta go! Arrived to moisture-covered ground. No yoga this morning. Outerbike staff found us an Easy-Up and table. We decided to do yoga over here behind the Trek Women trailer. Sean set us up with 3 weekend passes, and Emily at registration took care of us.  The line-up for entry steadily grew. People were eager to get THE bike they want, Niner, Santa Cruz, Ibis, Kona, Ellsworth, the list of bike candy goes on.

We are all set up, got awesome bikes, LETS RIDE..      

2012, Rocky Mountain full carbon, 29′er hard tail, Vertex was the first and only steed of choice for day one! What a beautiful bike. It handled well on the slick rock, single track, fire roads, and tight turns. A hard tail was where it is at. Yoga at 4:30 was lovely, we had a small group of women join us. The weather was chilly but we soon warmed up moving through our ananas. We were blessed to watch the mountain in front of us break snow clouds as it reared its white capped peak. Right after yoga we packed up and headed back to the hostel for some thawing out.  Later we attended the downhill thriller movie sponsored by Continental.

Day two it was raining lightly and cold, we couldn’t  inspire anyone to do  yoga under the tent this morning. We’ll just have our yoga session later when the sun comes out. The morning dewy weather  mimicked some of the best cross conditions with tacky clay soil, I took out the Ellsworth full carbon, SRAM Rival-equipped Roots. The fast tricky cross bike that just sailed over anything that stood in my way.  However, the SRAM shifting was a bit challenging to manage the cross over shifting on the right hand. It just didn’t make sense to me. After spinning around the trails on the Roots. I returned and took out  the best ride of my life on an Orbea Occam trail bike.   Nothing could have topped this ride, nothing, smooth, smooth, smooth. It  handled just like a full suspension XC bike. I felt confidant, strong and overwhelmed with the ability to drive this bike like I had wings- Over slick rock, technical turns, climbs, and down steep narrow descents of Deadman trail .  The Occam was a totally amazing (and sexy) design. The Europeans just know how to do it.

Our 4:30 yoga session offered another breath-taking view of the red rock walls. A brisk temperature, our group of ladies after 2 days of riding came out for the good feeling of stretching out their hamstrings, glutes, and hip flexors.

The last day brought us a nice morning yoga session under the tent. We were able to convince these sore legged, tight hipped fellas to come in and join us for some morning stretching after 3 long days of tearing it up on the trails.  We had to leave by noon so this would be our only session today. We quickly secured our steeds for the morning ride. I wanted to experience another 29er on the technical trail we rode the day before in comparison as to how they ride.  I chose a bigger name the Specialized Jett.

We started out on the easy loop then advanced to the more challenging Deadman’s and finally over to a newly paved trail adding more climbing and technical work. Two hours later we finished up on the bike path and headed over to the OB parking lot. Mission accomplished! Outerbike is a MUST for any bike snobs. You get to ride the newest and the best of the coming season’s steeds. Take a bike out for a ‘first date’ on the Bar M trails, or go for a longer ride– included in the Outerbike price are a shuttle ride and guides, if you want to spend more time on that special bike.. For one price you get fed an awesome whole lunch for three days, a schwag bag, water, sports drink and coffee and tea all day, In addition you get Cliff bars and Blocks, the sponsor gifts go on. There are also two evening events and of course Yoga! See you next year!