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Bicycles, Yoga and You going to Sea Otter

See you guys at Sea Otter!

More info at the Volkwagon Sea Otter 2012 site–

Mountain Biking Clinics and Cycling Events in 2012

Here’s an update of what we have planned for 2012.

We will also be working with Zia Rides at various endurance mountain bike races in the New Mexico area. We will have our baked goods available for you to purchase so you can enjoy them while your on the trail!

We are working on putting together a clinic in San Diego CA with the SDIMBA and a yoga for cyclists clinic in Bend, Oregon with CogWild.
Keep checking the site for current updates. Hope to hang out and ride with you soon!

Babes On Mountain Bikes Albuquerque Sponsors

A huge thanks to our sponsors for making this happen. But really, check out the photos of all of our schwag!

Babes On Mountain Bikes Albuquerque Day 2


Early morning smoothies, tea and fresh fruit started our day right. We took off from the Kickstand and headed to the Menual trailhead, considered the south foothills. Today Kickstand owner and former pro track rider, Lee joined us for the ride.

Deli Berry had boxed lunchs waiting for us at the Lisa Piedra park, just below the Menual trailhead. It was such a lovely day we decided to remain at the park and have nutrition class and yoga outside.

After lunch, we let our food digest while sitting through Nutrition 101, led by licensed nutrition Educator, Rita Celeste Leon. We focused on our current diet and how to make it more balanced. Then, we calculated our proper protein and caloric intake for our activity level. Emily added her two cents on how USANA products have helped her become a more balanced athlete through vitamin supplementation Finally, we all stood in mountain pose and began our recovery yoga. We hugged our knees to our chest, released tired shoulders, opened our hips and stretched out our spines. This yoga routine was a perfect way to wrap up a fun-filled BOMBs clinic weekend.

See you next year Albuquerque!

Babes On Mountain Bikes Albuquerque 2011 Day 1

Breakfast at KickstandThis clinic was everything you could have asked for. We had a great group of kind-hearted, enthusiastic, and of course babe-o-licious ladies become BOMBs.

Day One

The Pre-Ride Nutrition at the Kickstand bike shop was a hit! Everyone loved the warm baked sweet potatoes and yams with butter and cinnamon. We also had a scrumptious variety of Fall fruits apples, pears and oranges to top off those potatoes. Boiled eggs and a variety of fresh raw nuts and seeds gave us the protein boost we needed for our skills clinic at a near bike park off the North diversion channel bike path.
Skills Talk

Skills at the park with Emily

Like usual, the weather in New Mexico was sunny and cheerful. A perfect weather day for the BOMBs to start mastering mountain bike skills! We started this skills clinic with the anatomy of the bike and proper riding gear.
Next we practiced the different stances of ready position on our bikes. Rolling through the grass can be a deceiving warm up. “Ready position is a neutral stance that allows the bike to roll under you while conserving your energy” (E. Eads). Flexed elbows and knees, level pedals, shifting weight back, forwards and side to side. After we mastered complete control of our bikes while rolling and pedaling we worked on cornering, turning and balance. Look where you want to go! Choose your line, and Cornering drillsbe in control of your bike. Finally, we worked with the props practicing riding a straight line, lifting our front wheel, and rolling over uneven terrain. Use that power foot “2 o’clock position”! Two hours later, these BOMBS were hungry! Our host luncheon deli was back down the diversion trail about 5 minutes away. Deli-Berry had a variety of choices, salads, soups, wraps, and sandwiches. After we filled our bellies with delicious nutrition the ladies got the first schwag bag full of goodies from The Kickstand, The Pedal Pushers Club, and famous REE bars and Gluten Free Goods cookies made by the Bicycle Yogi and BOMBs Director Rita Leon. Acknowledging the rest of our sponsors; Tough Chick, IMBA, Chamois Butt’r, Eleven Gear, more schwag is yet to come.

The Ride

After our leisurely lunch, we headed over to the Michael Emery trailhead at the top Spain and Bear Canyon, a beautiful entry to the Sandia foothills. These women  on bikes we ready for more! With our small group of ladies we decided to stay in one group and practice our new skills together. There was plenty of opportunity to practice uneven terrain and wheel lifts due to the rocky nature of the trails, combined with sweet rolling single track it was perfect for skills practice. At the end of our 2.5 hour ride, everyone was satisfied with their improved bike handling and the awesome support from the BOMBs. Go team!

Fall Update

Gluten-Free Zucchini MuffinsAs you know, time flies when you’re busy having fun. It’s been a crazy fall at Bicycles, Yoga, & You. In late September, we went to a mountain bike camp (Dirt Series) in Fruita, CO. Clinics are helpful for people of all skill level, and it was a great time. In October, we went up to Outerbike to promote our Albuquerque BOMBs clinic, teach some yoga, and ride new 2012 steeds of lust– sorry, there were some REALLY nice bikes there. Late October, brought a weekend of mountain biking, yoga, and nutrition education at the first Albuquerque BOMBs clinic. A great time was had by all– everyone both taught and learned a lot.

Now that standard time has been restored, it definitely feels like fall and the Holiday Season is upon us. Bicycles, Yoga, & You have been busying baking up gluten-free treats to order for you. And thusly, we have also finally updated the Gluten-Free Goods page. They make great gifts… Get your orders for the holidays in early.

Thank you, Outerbike!

Thank you Outerbike for the fabulous time. It was a beautiful seven hour drive from Albuquerque, NM to Moab, UT. Strangely enough for us coastal transplants, we only hit traffic one time– in Shiprock, NM. The Shiprock Najavo Fair was going on. While the carnival rides looked way fun, we knew the bikes and trails awaiting us in Moab would be more fun. After we arrived in Moab, figured out our home base at Outerbike, we checked into the Leaping Lizard Hostel. While the original plan was to camp, we drove through some snow and freezing rain to get there, and it was rather chilly. We lucked out and got the last 2 dorm beds at the hostel.

All of the days at Outerbike were a blur. The festival was head at the Lazy M trails, about 3 miles north of Arches National Park. Bicycles, Yoga and You focused on getting the word out there was yoga– afternoon and morning sessions, but it is hard to compete with getting sweet bikes in the correct size and beer. Sunday did begin with some great morning yoga. We concentrated on 5 yoga poses that are great for your cycling muscles.

Admittedly, we also wanted to get bikes too, but we weren’t too picky about which ones. I (Manda) was mostly going to ride a lot of bikes, just to see which ones I liked best. I am relatively new to the world of mountain biking, and I started out with a 26″ full suspension- Gary Fisher Sugar 3+. Alas, the frame cracked on the Fisher, and I replaced it with a Trek Top Fuel WSD. After replacing the bikes, I felt like I was loosing all my hard fought technical skill. The Top Fueld seemed to fit, but the cockpit seemed a bit cramped, but I was assured that this was no big deal, and I would get used to it. After giving it a frustrating 5 months– complete with having various local bike shops adjust my fit and shock settings, it was time to ride a lot of different bikes at Outerbike and see what I need…. to be continued… later.

Hanging out at Outerbike?

hanging out in front of yeti when we are not out trying some bikes. join us Friday(Oct 7) at 4pm for post ride, pre-beer yoga. Cycling-specific poses to keep you feeling good for tomorrow’s ride.

Saturday day morning yoga at 8:30. and post-ride yoga Saturday at 4pm.

sunda morning yoga is also planned. hope to see you.

More on Outerbike (and us) from Cycle and Style

Check out this article from Cycle and Style. They tell you exactly what to expect and what to bring. Roadies, you’re not going to be left out either, because Outerbike will have road demos.

And don’t forget to join us for Yoga at Outerbike bright and early- 8am, Friday October 7 through Sunday, October 9.

Join us at Outerbike!

Bicycles Yoga and You will be teaching yoga classes at Outerbike in Moab, UT October 7th-9th. Outerbike looks like a great chance to ride some really rad trails. Bring your own bike or not, because Outerbike admission gets you a chance to demo sweet 2012 bicycles on world-class trails. This will give you a much better feel, than the requisite cruise around the shop parking lot to see if the bike fits.

Looking forward to seeing you there.